The developers of the autonomous mechanical mule Flunick, have united their entire knowledge gained from the former development of two prototypes for viniculture into this product. Consequently resulted the optimal gear for all kinds of applications in viniculture.

Flunick impresses with its unique power density and moves autonomously via GPS and/or Vinescout in a soil protecting way between the tendrils. It grants the smoothest turning with crawlers in order to change from one row to the next. Because of its low center of gravity the portal robot is able to work in slopes up to 30% inclince without risking the danger of tipping over. Owing to its variable carrier width, it is suitable for the deployment in several vineyards without modification. The operator is always safe and when treating the tendrils with plant protection agents out of the spray mist.

With the below depicted accessory equipment, amongst others, all essential operations in the tendrils are done or assisted smoothly: Spraying, mulching, cutting, defoliating, weeding, harvesting, pruning, planting, watering, paling.

20181031 FlunickWeinbau

(1) foilage cutter

(2) pole sprayer

(3) reflex weeder

(4) nicker

(5) defoiler

(6) wheel brush

More technical information about the portal mechanical mule may be found on the Flunick product page. We are happy to discuss your specific needs and requirements with you in order to present you an optimal offer. Simply contact us.