Tree nurseries

The autonomous portal robot Flunick came into being by virtue of Andi Reichenbachs vision of an optimal working tool of tree nurseries. The technical implementation of the product answers the wishes of the adept producer to the utmost satisfaction. With high probability it will also meet the requirements of your tree nursery. Should you cherish any special wishes or challenges for such a device, please contact us anytime, we will always have a sympathetic ear for you.

With Flunick all conventional work of a tree nursery can be settled autonomously or semi-autonomously. Amongst other rank: planting, weeding, fertilizing, watering, spraying, mulching, cutting, lifting, transport and the car of the nurse crop. The three-point mounting enables the simple attachment of most conventional tools without extensive adaptations. The powerfully dimensioned hydraulic powerpack, allows even energy-intensive work like auger drilling without additional hydraulic power. The soil protecting maneuverability in the tightest of spaces renders Flunick a versatile mechanical mule even in contorted cultivation spaces and undulating landscape. Hereafter are listed all the tools, which have already been installed on Flunick. Should you not find your preferences amongst them, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will implement the therefore necessary provisions for you.

  • Reflex weeder
  • Kress finger-weeder
  • Auger drill
  • Combine drill
  • Trolley hoe
  • Planting device
  • Sickle knife mulcher

More and general information about the product are described on the Flunick product page.

November 8th 2018


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