The usage of machinery in vegetable growing, especially when referring to autonomous machinery, depends on such a vast number of individual factors, that an optimal solution can not be harmonized. Nevertheless, it is possible to learn from the various use cases and to utilize the thereof ever-expanding repertoire of modular solutions. Some of our developers are also growers at the same time and therefore understand the demands of our customers based on own experience. We shun no effort to analyze your specific challenges in a practical manner in order to present possible solutions and methods thereafter, try it with us!

When developing solutions we consider the entire process from sowing to harvesting and product grafting (as say our company name "Ex semen et messis" Semesis). Doing so, we call into play our experience and knowhow from industry and think across processes. We pay just as much attention to customer specific requirements as soil quality, slope, air humidity, water saturation, water quality and climate, as we consider the peculiarities of the various crops.

The availability of economically priced workforce for vegetable growing is continuously decreasing and the demand for suitably machinery to compensate this tendency thus ever increasing. If mechanized solutions are not optimized the cannot make the grade due to lack of efficiency and efficacy. They thus do more damage than good on the long run. We stick to our guns until we step by step find a wraparound-satisfactory solution.

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