The mechanical mule Flunick has an extremly low center of gravity and consists of two identical rubber crawler units, which minimize the pressure on the terrain to 246 g/cm². Two 30 hp engines power the crawlers and the hydraulik motors. Therefore, the high-performance working-hydraulics. The minimally covered row spacing is of 50 cm and the track width is infinitely variable as from 150 to 250 cm. Owing to the variable design height, it is possible to drive over plantations with until 230 cm height, even on an incline. The areas of application are agriculture, viniculture, horticulture and olericulture (farming, winegrowing, tree nursery, and vegetable growing). In addition to weeding tines, a vast number of auxiliary equipment can be attached on 5 different installation spaces, such as: planting tools, fertilizer spreaders, plant protection agent sprayers, soil cultivators, reflex hoes and auger drills. Wherever it makes sense and whenever possible sensors assist the control, e.g. weeding. Steering by remote control or alternatively by GPS provide for operator safety. This enables accurate work with ±1cm precision.
At present it is the portal robot on crawlers with best soil protection, smallest turning radius and gentlest crawler turning available on the market. Challenges like shortage of workforce, soil compaction, plant protection agents and herbicides, weather-dependency, variable row spacing and fast-growing weeds, pose no problem to Flunick.

Self-propelled planting machine

The planting machine is built symmetrically, in order to be able to drive alongside walls on both sides with a minimal clearance.

It can be deployed uphill up to an incline of 10%.

The crawlers reaching across the entire carrier width provide for the uniform soil re-stabilization. As this carrier needs no driving lanes, the available space can be used more effectively, unless the crop needs to be cared by other vehicles.

The infinitely variable hydrostatic drive, with separate drive units for left and right crawlers, enables turning on the spot.

Owing to the separate operation of steering and cruise control, the vehicle can be steered optimally and the travelling speed can be controlled smoothly. By means of the central bearing of the lifting mechanism, curving is possible without problem while planting. When the planting aggregate is picked up, the lifting mechanism is automatically centered and locked.

The most important in brief:

  • Individually deployable carrier vehicle
  • Owing to the uniform soil re-stabilisation an even distribution of the plants is achieved and therewith an extra yield
  • No driving lanes necessary → more economic use of the available space
  • It is possible to plant alongside walls with a very small clearance
  • Simple handling
  • Infinitely variable hydrostatic drive

November 8th 2018


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