The path to our enterprise emerged in its origin through 3 companies:

  • Linder Agricultural-Engineering GmbH, Heimisbach, C
  • Zimtech AG, Büren NW, CH
  • Reichenbach Tree-Nurseries, Hausen am Albis, CH

These companies devote themselves to the various productrequirements for the domains forestry, tree-nursery, farming and viniculture.

Matthias Linder, owner-manager of Linder GmbH, produces machinery for farmes according to their ideas, in consideration of laws of nature. These are amongst others: salad planting machines, vacuum pest remover and mechanical weeders.

Producing machinery for customers and in particular the development of machinery for the use in his own farm, play a part in contributing to Matthias extraordinary level of knowledge and experience.

Anton Zimmermann, owner-manager of Zimtech AG, in course of time concentrated on the control od mobile hydraulics for farming vehicles, forestry vehicles and urban vehicles. He is expert in mechatronic engineering. In association with Matthias, Anton was essentially involved in the development of two portal-type vehicles for viniculture.

Andreas Reichenbach, owner-manager of Reichenbach Tree-Nurseries, as nurseryman and farmer, has devoted himself to plants and trees.

The visionary entrepreneur needed mechanized solutions in order to streamline tasks like fertilizing, sowing, planting, spraying, weeding, mulching and harvesting. He was looking for a crawler-type mechanical mule, which was able not only to work on level soil, but also in an incline. The predominating physical laws required an advancement on the market, and Andreas entered into contact with Matthias to discuss his request. He then contracted him for the development of a more universal machine.

This was the starting point of a entirely new portal-type vehicle, for the development of which, Anton Zimmermann was involved also. His experience in developing portal-type vehicles was of great benefit and therefore Zimtech provided the entire engineering of the new vehicle.

The triumvirate, which could cover the demands of an innovative new product development professionally emerged.

The successful cooperation was rewarded with a brilliant prototype, which was named Flunick. After a few months of field testing, when Flunick met all demands, the decision was taken to present Flunick on the trade fair ÖGA 2018.

Flunick was endorsed by the visitors with great interest and resonance.

On the basis of this success, it was decided to found a new company, for the production of Flunick and for further developments of the successful team.

The team of three grew to a team of five. Adding two professionals, the team was expanded in the domain engineering and commerce. On September 10th 2018 the five persons founded the new enterprise Semesis AG

20181003 SEMESIS Logo1

The company name Semesis is derived from latin "Ex Semen et Messis", which means "from sowing to harvesting".

November 8th 2018


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